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Call us ahead of time and we will have it ready by the time you arrive.

CATERING: We will custom tailor a Menu that fits right what you need for any kind of event. Delight  your guest with the best food ever.
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Homemade Flavor
We capture the essence of what it feels to taste homemade.  Anyone can go into a restaurant and order food. 

Not everyone will enjoy the experience of eating food that tastes as if someone's grandma prepared it.  We offer that experience and stand behind every dish that our cooks artistically prepare.
a unique dining experience where you will find a fusion of different dishes from Latin countries like Dominican Republic.

Using the freshest ingredients we offer a diverse menu reflecting our rich cultural traditions for a reasonable price.
Come and enjoy our delicious Carnes a la Parrilla, Rices, BBQ Meats, Sancochos, Succulent Seafood & fantastic Pasta.
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